Alps series in Japan 2023 ②

Japan is home to a number of mountains known as the Alps, ranging from 500 m to 3000 m peaks, from hiking to mountaineering. In this article, we will guide you to places near Tokyo that are known as the Alps.

Miura-alps!!    beginner’s course

This course crosses the Miura Peninsula in Kanagawa Prefecture. The Miura Alps, located in a warm region, is a series of roadside shrines and horse-headed kannon.

Itinerary   09:30 Shin-zushi JR staion appointment – Futakoyama208m –  Nyutosan -Tsukayama park - Anjinttsuka station Keikyu train    14:00

9.8km   4hours

Date     Every Thursday  09:30 Shinzushi station  appointment

Fee      JPY    10,000

Including   Guiding fee only